How to Add and Remove Team Members

To manage team members, start by going to the team management page:

  1. After logging in select “Organizations” from the left menu.

  2. Select the organization that the team will belong to.

  3. Scroll down, and click on “Manage your teams”.

  4. Select the team that you want to update, and you will see the “Team Overview” page.

From this screen you can see a list of current team members. You will also see a green 2FA badge if the team member has activated two-factor identification on your account.

Adding or Removing Users from a Team

On the “Team Overview” page, by default, “Members” is selected.

Click on “Invite” to add more members to the team, and enter either the Gandi username or email address of the person that you want to add as a team member. If you need to add more than one member at the same time, click “Add another” to enter more.

When done, click on “Send invitations” to send out the email invitations.

Accepting or Declining an Invitation

Once invited to a team, the person invited will get an email containing a link to either accept or decline the invitation.

If the new member already is already logged in to an existing account when they click the link, the account which is logged in will be added to the team. If they are not logged in they will have the option to log in to the account.


If the new member has more than one Gandi account they should be careful to use the correct account to activate the link. This is best done by logging into the correct account before clicking the link.

If the person you are inviting to the team does not have a Gandi account, they will be able to create one before proceeding.

The link provided can only be used once and will expire after 15 days.

How to Change Permissions of a Team

From the “Teams” page of the organization, select the team that has the permissions you want to change. This will bring up the “Team Overview” page.

Click the “Permissions” tab to edit the permissions granted to the team.

Note that your permission updates are saved in real time, which is why there is no button to submit changes.

How to Change the Administrators of an Organization

You can change the administrator of an organization by adding or removing members from the organization’s owner team.

For example, if the administrator of a company’s products is leaving the company they can pass the management of the domain to the new administrator by inviting them to become a member of the owner team for that organization. The former administrator can then leave the owner team, or the new administrator can remove them.

Since each member joins the organization using their personal Gandi account, they do not need to share their personal account details to allow others to manage the organization’s products. They also can leave the organization while still having access to their personal account or to other oganizations within the Gandi system.