Why Is There an Error for My Domain Transfer?

You can follow the status of your domain name transfer from the “In progress” tab on your “Domains” interface. You can find this tab by click on “Domain” in the left menu after logging in, then clicking “Pending.”

From there, you can see at where your transfer is in the process, and any error or action that you may need to take.

List of Errors during a Domain Name Transfer

Here is a list of problems that occur during transfers and their solutions.

Error message


This domain is already with the same reseller.

The action you are trying to do is not necessary. Please contact our support team if you need assistance in a particular operation.

Invalid authorization code.

Please contact your current provider to obtain the latest authorization code (also called “transfer code”, “epp key”, “auth code” etc.) and edit the key on the order in process and relaunch.

This domain can not be transferred: it must first be restored.

Please contact your current provider to restore the domain name. Note that for gTLD domains (ex. .com, .net) that you will need to wait 60 days following the restoration before you can launch a transfer, so you will need to wait that long before trying again.

This domain does not exist.

The domain does not exist. You may therefore try creating it directly from our website.

This extension is not supported.

We do not yet support transfers of domain names in this extension. Please contact our support team for assistance and additional information.

Unable to transfer, because the domain’s expiration date is too close.

Please renew the domain with your current provider and try again.

Transfer Prohibited status in the whois.

This means the domain is locked against transfer at your current registrar. Please contact your current provider and ask that they remove this status. Once that is done, you can try to launch your transfer again at Gandi

Transfer has not been requested at registrar.

For a .uk domain, this means you have not “pushed” the domain to Gandi’s “tag” at your current provider. Please contact your current provider/registrar and ask that they add our tag to the domain. Our tag is: GANDI. You may then relaunch the transfer.