Special Transfer Processes

Some extensions have special transfer procedures or additional steps that need to be taken into consideration when launching a transfer to Gandi.

If the owner information for the domain at the registry is different than your handle at Gandi, our system will automatically create a new handle for the domain’s owner. You should therefore take care to double check this.



You can request the code from the registry directly from their website, before you start the process at Gandi, at http://www.dns.be from the bottom of their results page after you look up your domain in their whois.

  1. Launch the transfer operation on Gandi’s website and enter the authorization code you obtined via the registry
  2. Follow the instructions as indicated on our website.


This type of transfer works with the authorization code obtained from the current registrar. Once the code has been validated, the AFNIC registry sends an email to the current registrar.

This email serves to notify the current (losing) registrar of the transfer. If it is validated by the registrar, the domain is transferred almost immediately. If it is not validated by the registrar (no action taken), the domain is automatically transferred after 8 days. If the registrar responds with a refusal, the domain is transferred within 22 days, giving all protagonists time to settle the dispute.

.CO.UK, .ORG.UK and .ME.UK

  1. Update the domain’s IPS tag at your current provider. Contact your current registrar and request that the IPS tag of your domain be changed to: “GANDI
  2. Launch the transfer at Gandi