Access for developers

Gandi provides a public API to manage your products. To be able to use it, you will have to provide an API key to authenticate the queries and identify the concerned account and the dependent organizations or products.


API key is deprecated. You can now use the new Personal Access Tokens (PAT) which provide more granularity on the permissions and organizations.

Generate an API key

The API key is not displayed in your account for security. When you need it, you will have to generate it :

  1. Log in your Gandi account, then click on your username on the top right ({username} ⋁ ) to open the account menu.

  2. Click on User Settings.

  3. In the “Login and Security Options”, click on the Password and access restriction.

  4. Check you are on the “Manage your user account & security settings” page, and scroll down to the “Developer access” block.

  5. Click on the Create the API Key (can be Regenerate the API Key if you already created one ). The system will display the new key.

  6. Copy and save preciously the API key, as you will have no way to display it again.

You have lost your API Key?

If you should forget or lose your API key, or in case you have doubts related to security, you have the possibility to change this key. To do this, follow the same instructions as above. If you already have an activated key, the system will display the creation date of the last generated API key, followed by two links.

  • Regenerate the API key

  • Remove the API key

The first link will invalidate your previous API key and create a new one, which will be displayed. Just follow the same instruction as above to use it. (Do not forget to save it !)

The second link will invalidate your current API key, without generating a new one. This way it will be impossible to use the Public API on this account, organizations or products. You will still be able to generate a new API Key when needed.

Do not hesitate to contact Gandi Customer Care team in case you need information or encounter issues.