Emergency Console / VNC console

This page details how to activate and use the emergency console on a GandiCloud Server

What is the emergency console and what can it be used for ?

The emergency console is a VNC (remote screen) connection to your server. It is as if you directly plugged in a keyboard & screen to your server, inside the Gandi Datacenter. The emergency console can be used when you need access to your server when a normal SSH connection might not be possible.


To be able to use the emergency console to access your server, you need to have previously configured a password for your root or admin account (a user account is sufficient).

If you have not configured a password and you have a problem accessing to your server, please see the documentation about the rescue mode.

Activate the Emergency Console

Like every operation on your GandiCloud resources, you have two ways to activate the emergency console on your server:

  1. Activate the console through the Gandi User interface.

  2. Activate the console though the OpenStack CLI

From Your Gandi Dashboard

Go to your GandiCloud VPS overview page, and select “Activate the emergency console”. It takes only a few seconds to be activated. After that, the button to access to the console directly from your browser will appear

From the OpenStack CLI

Using this command:

You will get the URL of the console in return; just copy and paste it in your web browser to connect.

Learn more about how to activate OpenStack CLI here.

Access Your Server with the Emergency/VNC Console

Once activated you can directly access your server through the console. You will be asked for a login on the system; use a system user to connect with the associated password.


Once again, you need to have previously defined a password for your admin or root user in order to be able to use the emergency console. If you have not set a password, please refer to the rescue mode page.


By default, the VNC keyboard is configured in QWERTY. Be careful when you enter your login and password.

After you have logged into your server, you will be able to run commands like in a classic console.


As this connection is a remote screen and keyboard connection, a small latency on executing commands might occur.