Create a Server

It takes under a minute to create your server, and you can start to install your applications almost immediately.

1. Go to the Cloud admin page

From your personal account or organization (depending on who you want to be the server’s owner), click on “Cloud” in the navigation menu on the left. This will bring up the Cloud admin page.

2. Create a new server

At the top of the page, click “Create a new server”. This will bring up a page where we ask you to choose what type of Cloud server you want to build, with the following options:

  • Specifications: choose the power of your server to meet your needs,
  • Location: you can choose the datacenter location where your server will be located,
  • Operating System: choose from the latest stable releases of Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, or FreeBSD

When you are done, click “Next” to specify a:

  • Name (hostname): This will be the name of your server,
  • Password: The password that you will use to log into your server. You will log in with the username “admin” by default.

3. Payment

Finally, clicking on “Next” will let you review the details of your server and proceed to payment.

If necessary, you can review and change who you want the owner of the server to be at this point, by specifying who to invoice, before clicking on “Continue” where you will actually make payment.