Frequent Questions about Cloud Services at Gandi

I have the error message : ‘name or service unknown’ whenever I try to connect to my server

You did not use the correct IP address for your server or the server does not exist behind this IP address. Check the status of your server’s status on its management page within your account.

Why isn’t there a RAM (Memory) graph on my server’s statistics page?

Input/ouput resources (CPU/disk/network) are collected by our Xen infrastructure, but the use of your RAM has to be done from a program inside your virtual server.

How long is the delay between an official release of a new version of a distribution (e.g. Ubuntu) and Gandi offering it for installation on new servers?

We mainly focus on LTS (Long Term Support) versions of Ubuntu, which have 5 years upstream support. Our local mirror of Ubuntu package tree is updated daily, so updates will be available the day after a release. Regarding new releases, we try to release an image in both of our datacenters no more than one week after the official Ubuntu release. This gives us time to properly create the image and allow a few days for any major security discoveries. (RPM distributions can sometimes take longer.)

I see some CPUs in the /proc/cpuinfo file, does it correspond to my virtual cores?

What you see is in fact the physical CPUs of the physical machine. To see your virtual CPU cores, we invite you to use the “top” command, then type on the “1” key in order to see separate CPU cores in top.