How to Install Nextcloud on a Gandi Simple Hosting Instance

This guide will assist you through the creation and installation of Nextcloud on a Simple Hosting instance. You will need a domain name where you can access your instance. If you do not already own the domain name you plan to use, you should purchase it first.

Install Nextcloud on a New Simple Hosting Instance

To create a Nextcloud on a new Simple Hosting instance follow these steps. If you already have a Simple Hosting instance see the next section.

  1. Order your Simple Hosting Nextcloud instance.
  2. Select the domain name you want to use.
  3. Indicate the sub-domain you want to use to access Nextcloud.
  4. Finish the checkout process to finalize the creation of your Simple Hosting instance.
  5. Go to the address you chose in step three to create your Nextcloud administrator account.

Install Nextcloud on an Existing Instance

The following sections explain how to install Nextcloud on an existing instance.

Step 1: Go to Your Instance Overview Page

Go to your Gandi Dashboard and then click on the Simple Hosting section, or click here.

You should see the name of your instance in the list. Click on the instance name to access the overview for that instance.

Step 2: Create a Site

To create a site, follow these steps:

  1. From the overview page of your instance, select the “Sites” tab.
  2. Click “Create a site.”
  3. Under “Choose an address for your website” enter the domain name or subdomain you will use to access Nextcloud.
  4. After you specify your domain name we will validate that you own this domain and that it is available in your Gandi account. If your domain is available in your Gandi account, this is done automatically and does not require any action by you. If you are using a domain not with Gandi you will be required to complete an additional step to validate that you own the domain by creating the given DNS record on your domain.
  5. After your ownership is validated you can choose to “Activate now” or wait and “Continue without activating.” Unless you have a reason to wait, we recommend choosing to activate now.

Step 3: Install Nextcloud

Once your website is activated visit the site you created in the last step. On the bottom of the page, next to “Nextcloud”, click “Install.”

The installation of Nextcloud takes about 2 minutes. Once ready, you will be able to access your site.

Congratulations! Your Nextcloud site is now up and running. You can now adjust your configurations, and create the Nextcloud administrator account by defining its login and password.