Automatically install an SSL certificate on your instance

Gandi’s Standard 1 address SSL certificates are free for Simple Hosting. This provides you with an https address for your site hosted on your simple hosting instance, and it will remain free whether or not your domain is registered at Gandi.

To be able to make use of the automatic installation, you need to be sure that you have:

  • a Small+ or greater instance size,
  • created the “site” corresponding to your website to secure,
  • linked your instance to the domain name.

Installation process

Once you are in your Simple Hosting instance’s administration page:

  1. select the site that you want to secure, from the “Sites” section,
  2. click “Generate a Free SSL Certificate”,
  3. accept the contract by checking the box,
  4. click on the “Generate a Free SSL Certificate” button than then becomes clickable.

The creation and installation process will begin automatically. Your site will be accessible via HTTPS shortly thereafter.