Common Errors You May Encounter on a Simple Hosting Instance

This section contains information about common errors seen on the Simple Hosting platform, what those errors mean, and whether they are benign or how to troubleshoot them.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

When you encounter an error on your website or Simple Hosting instance, there are a few actions you can perform to investigate the issue further :

  • Restart the instance from the main Simple Hosting section of your account. Click on the three-dot menu next to the instance, then select the Restart option.

  • Check the logs available in the instance’s Control Panel, via sFTP at /lamp0/var/log, and via the Emergency Console at /srv/data/var/log/

    • Apache

      • access.log: The requests made to your websites. You can use this information to check whether the traffic reaching your sites is legitimate and expected.

      • error.log: Errors reported by the Apache HTTPD server are listed here.

    • PHP

      • fpm.log: Warnings/errors related to PHP-FPM workers.

      • www-error.log: Warning/errors reported by PHP, i.e. HTTP 500 errors in most cases.

    • MySQL

      • slow-queries.log: MySQL queries that took a long time to execute will be reported here, which could be a sign that you need to optimize your queries or clean up your tables.

      • error.log: This log file contains info, warning, and error messages related to the mysqld process.

    • Python

      • uwsgi.log: Information about your Python wsgi application.

    • Node.js

      • nodejs.log: Information about your Node.js application.

    • Boot

      • console.log: Details about the boot process of your instance.

  • Check whether your instance’s disk is filled via the “Statistics” page or using an sFTP client. If the disk is filled, make some free space, or add storage, and then restart the instance.

  • Review the statistics of your instance’s other resources (CPU/Memory usage) for the last day or week.

Should you still be unable to idenfity or correct an issue with your website or instance, feel free to open a support ticket with our Hosting team.

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