How to Create a New Gandi Simple Hosting Instance

To create a new instance, navigate to the Simple Hosting section of your account, and then click on the Create button.

Configuring Your Simple Hosting Instance

We offer two types of configuration when creating your Simple Hosting instance.

  • Standard, it is a WordPress compatible instance, of the PHP/MySQL type.
  • Customized, you can choose the language and database of your choice

In the case of the second configuration, you will select the programming language and database type that your web application needs.

You can also select the specific version of the programming language and the database if it is supported.


If you are hosting a static website, we recommend that you select PHP as the programming language.

Datacenter Location

At this time, we offer hosting in two locations that you can choose from:

  • Paris, France
  • Bissen, Luxembourg

Pack Size

A variety of instance sizes are available to the meet the needs of your website. You can upgrade or downgrade your instance size at any time.

Instance Name

Choose a name for your instance. You can use lower and uppercase letters, spaces, and the underscore character.


Define a strong and unique password that will be used for Control Panel, sFTP, git, and Emergency console access.