Snapshots automatically backup your website files at a regular interval, which you can use to rollback your website code to a previous version if needed.


Snapshots do not make a backup of your databases. If you would like to perform a backup of your databases, we recommend you perform an export, or launch a dump script via crontab.

Activating Snapshots

After you have selected the instance in question, click on the “Administration” tab.

Next, click on the “Activate snapshots” button.

Once activated, we will create a total of 4 backups of your website files at specific times:

  • a daily snapshot kept for 24h
  • a daily snapshot kept for 48h
  • a weekly snapshot kept for 7 days
  • a weekly snapshot kept for 14 days

Restoring Snapshots

To restore your website files from a Snapshot, start by logging into your instance using sFTP.

Once you’re at the root of your instance’s disk, browse to the “snapshot” directory.

Your snapshot directory’s contents will look like:

  • 123456789.daily : one daily snapshot
  • 123456789.weekly : one weekly snapshot

The number that you see before each directory is the unix timestamp. The most recent snapshot is the one with the highest number.

In order to restore the data, you will have to copy the files/folders to your local device from the remote folder, and then upload them to the target directory (unless your SFTP software allows you to copy/paste directly through their interface).