Cloud Credit

Gandi Cloud servers are paid for by specific Gandi Cloud account credit.

This is different than your Prepaid account credit, and is specific to your Cloud resources.

On your “Cloud Credit Management” page, you are shown:

  • how much cloud account credit you have,
  • how much is needed to keep your resources running for 30 days,
  • when your credit will run out.


For customers used to the credit system used on our classic website for your servers (where you purchase credit packs), that system is no longer in use on our new website.

How to add credit

There are two ways to add credit to your Gandi Cloud account:

  • Manually adding Cloud account credit: if you want to renew your resources for just one month at a time, or for just a specific amount,
  • Automatically adding Cloud account credit: if you want to add a payment means so that you don’t need to worry about always keeping credit in your Cloud account.