How to Turn On Automatic Renewal for Cloud Services

You can set up your Cloud account to renew automatically or manually.

If you choose to add credit automatically, 2 days before your credits run out, our system will automatically credit your Cloud account with enough credit to keep your services running for 30 days.

We do this by drawing the necessary payment amount from your registered payment method.

Enabling Automatic Renewal

You can enable automatic renewal by selecting this option during the checkout process for a new product. For existing products you can enable automatic renewal by following these steps:

  1. After logging in, click “Cloud”.

  2. Click “Manage” next to the green gear icon.

  3. Click “Enable Automatic Renewal”.

Manage Payment Method

Once you have activated automatic renewal of your cloud resources, you will see an option to manage your payment method. Clicking on “Manage Payment Method” will bring you to the “Payment Methods” interface of the “Billing” admin for your personal account or organization that owns the Cloud resources. From there, You can then add your credit card to debit.