Comon Questions about PHP and Gandi Web Hosting

Can I use the ioncube PHP Decoder with Web Hosting?

Yes. You can upload the Ioncube Loader module via sFTP into the /lamp0/home/ folder.

Then, declare the extension in the /lamp0/etc/php/php-custom.ini file using the following line :

zend_extension = /srv/data/home/my_version_ioncube/

Save the changed file, and then restart the web hosting.


On PHP 5.4 web hostings, the module is already pre-installed and available at the following path : /usr/lib/php5/20100525/, so you just have to include the path in the php-custom.ini file mentioned above.

Can I install and use Atos payments?

Yes. On older web hostings, such as the PHP 5.4 web hosting, we have installed the SIPS Atos modules for you to use for processing payments.

On newer web hostings, you must upload the modules yourself. You can place the Atos files in a subdirectory of the /lamp0/home/ directory, or in a subdirectory of the corresponding vhost. You will specify this path in the pathfile file, for example:




Similarly, the path specified in the pathfile parameter in the code of the request or response should specify the full (absolute) path:

$parm="$parm pathfile=/srv/data/web/vhosts/";

Next, in your code for making requests to the SIPS system, as well as in the response pages, you will need to specify the paths to the request and response binaries using the $path_bin variable.

On older web hostings:

$path_bin = "/usr/local/bin/atos/request";
$path_bin = "/usr/local/bin/atos/response";

On newer web hostings (for example):

$path_bin = "/srv/data/home/atos/request";
$path_bin = "/srv/data/home/atos/response";