Common Questions about Using Databases with Gandi Web Hosting

How do I make a database for my website?

You can use the tools for the database you select. For MySQL, phpMyAdmin is a free and open source tool written in PHP used to administer MySQL databases using a web browser. It provides a graphical interface you can use to create, modify and delete databases, tables, and users.

For PostgreSQL, there is a tool called phpPgAdmin which works in a similar way.

I cannot remember my password for MySQL, or I accidentally deleted the root account on my MySQL server. How can I retrieve it?

Initially, there is no password on the root account of your MySQL database. If you set one and you do not remember it, or you deleted the root account, you will lose root access to the database. Recovery is possible by navigating to the Adminsitration tab of your web hosting, and clicking the “Reset” link next to the Database password field.

How to change the MySQL 5.7 strict mode?

There is no my.cnf available on Web Hosting, and it’s not possible to change the global settings through the CLI (SET GLOBAL).


You can change the session’s settings with the ‘root’ right; defaults settings will be restored on MySQL restart.

mysql> SET SESSION sql_mode = '    ';