How to Update the Language of a Gandi Simple Hosting Instance

You can automatically upgrade the language of your instance to a newer version from your instance’s management page in your account.

Before you upgrade, though, make sure you have done the following:

  • Back up your website

  • Back up your data

  • Back up your database


You will not be able to roll back to your previous version after the update, so make sure you have backs up of all important files.

Once you are ready to upgrade, go to the page for your instance in your account. Select the “Configuration” tab. On the right you will see a box that lists the language and database of your instance. If an update is available an orange up arrow will appear next to the language. Select “Upgrade” button beneath to start your upgrade. You will be asked to confirm which version you wish to upgrade to. Once you have selected the version, click the green “Upgrade” button at the bottom to complete your upgrade.

If the “Upgrade” button is greyed out and there is no orange arrow next to your language then your instance is already using the latest available version.

After you initiate your upgrade your instance will be restarted. This will cause your instance to be unavailable for up to 3 minutes.