Common Questions about SFTP and Gandi Simple Hosting

What if I can’t remember my sFTP password?

The password for your Control Panel and sFTP access is the same, and can be changed from the “Security” tab on your instance’s management page in your account.

How can I connect to FTP on my instance?

You can’t; FTP is not supported. You must use a compatible sFTP client.

How and where do I upload files to my instance?

Upload your files with sFTP into the htdocs/ folder located int he directory name for your site, under vhosts/.

I transferred my files to my instance, but I still see the default message “It works!” on my website. Why?

When your virtual host was created, the system added an index.html file in the htdocs/ directory. This is the file that displays the “It works!” message. You can remove this by deleting or replacing the file at htdocs/index.html. For example, if your index file is called index.php, then index.php will be recognized as the index file for your host once index.html is deleted.

What are the SFTP signatures for Gandi Simple Hosting instances?

The key fingerprint will have the following signature, whether your instance is hosted in our Paris or Luxembourg datacenter:

2048 35:e0:5a:a9:54:12:55:6b:ce:41:8c:c1:9e:35:1d:f6 (RSA)

1024 80:c7:a8:05:dc:79:92:f1:9c:b7:61:46:a7:ad:2d:f7 (DSA)

521 f1:93:f8:eb:5e:b1:90:e7:1d:5e:39:d5:34:43:9f:cb (ECDSA)

256 5a:f5:68:71:4b:86:b4:96:61:1c:5f:d9:b1:21:4f:31 (ED25519)