How to Use sFTP to Connect to Your Simple Hosting Instance

You can use sFTP to upload and manage files on your instance.

Login Details


Simple Hosting only supports the sFTP protocol, which is more secure than regular FTP. When configuring your client, note that sFTP uses port 22, which is the standard port for sFTP connections, and not port 21, which is used by regular FTP.

For PHP instances, you will find login details in the “Sites” section of your instance management page, within each Site’s page. For other Node.js, Python or Ruby instances, you’ll find this information in the “Deploy” section of your instance’s management page.

The information provided is:

  • User: Use this as your username when connecting via sFTP. It is your instance’s “unique identifier”, a 4- to 8-digit number that is generated for each instance and is not the same as your Gandi account’s username.
  • Password: Your instance password, which you defined at creation time and may be different from your account password. Use it as your sFTP password.
  • Server: The sFTP server’s hostname. Start a connection to this server and enter your username and password to gain access to your instance’s files.
  • Directory: Once you’re connected, you’ll find your website’s or application’s files in the specified path.

In your sFTP client, also remember to specify the following information:

  • Protocol: sFTP
  • Port: 22

SSH Key Authentication


This only concerns sFTP and Git access. SSH key authentication is not available for SSH console access.

Instead of using a password to login to your instance via sFTP, you can use a public SSH key. You can add the key in the “Security” section of your instance’s management page.