Using Permissions

When you create a team within an organization, you assign a set of permissions to that team. These permissions allow the members of that team to see or perform a limited set of actions on the products owned by its organization.

Accessing a Team’s Permissions

To view and edit the permissions granted to a team:

  1. After logging on, click on “Organizations” in the menu on the left.
  2. Select the organization that the team belongs to.
  3. Scroll down, and click on “Manage your teams.”
  4. Select the team in question, and you will see the “Team Overview” page.
  5. Click “Permissions.”

List of Permissions

View organization All the members of the organization can view the organization information, settings, teams, and permissions granted to other members.
Manage organization Edit legal information, accept contacts for the organization, manage teams, enable reseller mode and manage its options.
View billing admin See invoices, history, and billing settings.
Modify billing options Add credit cards for the organization. Add funds to the organization’s prepaid account.
Bill the organization Generate invoices for the organization. This does not mean the user can use the organization’s saved payment methods.
Pay using the saved credit card Use the saved credit card to purchase products for the organization
Pay using the prepaid account Use the prepaid account to purchase products for this organization.
Allow payment terms Purchase and revew products and add their cost to the organization’s monthly invoice.
See and renew domain names Manage domain name technical configurations
Manage domain name technical configurations Edit domain technical configuration (nameservers, DNS records, glue records, DNSSEC, and web forwarding).
Manage mailboxes and email forwarding Create and manage mailboxes and email forwarding.
Manage domain contacts Edit domains legal information.
Manage owner changes & outgoing transfers Launch domain owner changes and outgoing transfers. See owner changes status. See and update authinfo codes for domain changes. Resend confirmation emails for owner changes. Change owner’s email address.
Simple Hosting
See and renew Simple Hosting instances See Simple Hosting instance configuration, history, and metrics. Renew Simple Hosting instances.
Manage Simple Hosting instances Create, edit, manage, and delete Simple Hosting instances.
See Cloud Resources See the organization’s Cloud resources. See Cloud resources and configuration. See Cloud resource history and metrics. See Cloud account balance.
Manage Cloud resources Create, edit, manage, and delete Cloud resources.
SSL Certificates
See SSL certificates See SSL certificates
Purchase, renew, and manage certificates Download, configure, renew, regenerate and revoke SSL certificates. Requires the “Bill the organization” Billing permission.