How to See and Edit Who Can Access a Gandi Product

It is possible to see who you have already shared a product with by going to the page for that product in your account and selecting the “Sharing” tab. This tab will show you everyone you have shared this product with both through Quickshare and through Teams. You will also what permissions you have given to each person. You can also see whether each person has enabled two factor identification on their account.

From this screen you are able to edit the permissions granted to a person through Quickshare by clicking on the green pencil icon on the same line as that person’s name. You can also delete that person’s permissions entirely by clicking on the red trash icon.

For permissions granted through teams you can also click on the name of the team on this page to be taken to that team’s page in your account. From this page you will be able to make changes to the permissions or members assigned to that team.