How to Manage Your Web Hosting via the Control Panel

Web Hostings offer a web-based Control Panel service with common features for all web hosting types, and some specific features depending on the web hosting type.

In general, it allows you to access your logs, manage your databases, reboot your application processes, browse your git repositories, purge the Varnish cache and check free storage space.

Then, depending on the web hosting type, it might include additional features, such as the WordPress one-click install feature on PHP/MySQL web hostings.

Accessing the Control Panel

You can access the control panel from the “Administration” tab on your web hosting’s management page.

To login, you’ll need to enter the username provided in that page and your web hosting password. If you have forgotten your web hosting password, you can reset it from the “Security” tab on your web hosting’s management page.

Resources and Tools

View the Logs

You can access a variety of logs to troubleshoot or monitor your websites or applications.

Logs available for consultation will vary according to the web hosting type. Please refer to each web hosting family documentation for more information.

In general, you’ll always be able to access Apache, database, boot process, Anacron and language-specific logs.

Manage Databases

Each database has its own management interface that can be accessed from the Control Panel. You can refer to each database documentation to learn more.

Edit Scheduled Tasks

Under the Cron section of the Control Panel, click on the “Edit scheduled tasks” link to modify or add any recurring tasks, such as database dumps.

Refer to the Anacrontab documentation for more details and examples.

Browse Git Repositories

Once you have created a repository using the git service, you’ll be able to access gitweb from your Control Panel.

You’ll be able to see the commit history and browse through the files of all branches that you have pushed to your repository.

Reboot Your Application Process

You can reboot your application processes from the Control Panel without rebooting the whole web hosting.

Purge Varnish Cache

All web hosting types can use the Varnish cache system to speed up page delivery and reduce the web hosting’s load.

You can purge the cache from the web hosting’s Control Panel.

Check Available Disk Space

The Control Panel will indicate how much free storage space is left on your web hosting.

If necessary, you can buy additional storage space at any time from your web hosting management page, up to 1 TB.