How to Change the Power of Your Gandi Simple Hosting Instance

Every instance comes with 50GB of storage space, an unlimited number and size of databases, and unlimited bandwidth. More on this, as well as how to get a free trial, can be seen on our website at

If you already have an instance, but need to make it more powerful, for example to use our free SSL certificates, or for more or less power, you need to change its size.

How to Change the Size of Your Instance

To increase or decrease the size of your Simple Hosting instance:

  1. After logging in, click “Simple Hosting” in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click on the name of the instance you want to change.
  3. Under the instance plan size click “Change.”
  4. Select the new size.
  5. Click “Add to shopping cart.”
  6. Complete the checkout process to pay for the new size.

Please note that changing the size does not affect the quantity of disk space allocated to the instance. Click here to learn how to add disk storage space to your Simple Hosting instance.

How We Bill or Credit You for the Change

We calculate the price based on:

  • The time remaining before the instance’s expiration.
  • The size of the instance.

We therefore debit you any necessary difference if the new instance is bigger, or credit you if the new instance is smaller.