How to Install PrestaShop on a Simple Hosting Instance

This tutorial will guide you through the installation of a PrestaShop website on a Gandi Simple Hosting instance, step-by-step.

Create your Simple Hosting instance

Choose Your Instance

Before you can install PrestaShop you must have a Simple Hosting instance. So, the first step is to create your instance from the Simple Hosting page :

Instance Configuration

On the configuration page, select “PHP” language, with its default version.

Select “MySQL” as database type, and also use the default version.

You will then choose the datacenter location for your instance.

At a minimum, the default size, “Medium” is recommended in order to have sufficient server resources.

Cart Validation

The instance is in your cart and ready to be ordered. Choose the payment frequency (1, 3, 6, 12 months) and proceed to payment.

Authentication and Payment

If not already done, login to your Gandi account, or create one if you’re a new customer.

Then follow the various payment steps.

Access to your Instance

Next, access your Simple Hosting account’s dashboard, and go to the “Simple Hosting” menu, which you can also find here.

You should find your new instance on your dashboard. Click on it to access its overview.

DNS Configuration

Once the ownership is validated, click on “Activate now” to update your DNS records, and link your site to your domain.

PrestaShop Installation and Configuration


An administration password for your Simple Hosting instance is required for the following steps, so define yours by clicking on “Choose a password” in the “Administration” tab.


To install PrestaShop, go to the “Sites” tab and select your new website.

At the bottom, you will find a button “Install apps”. Click on “Install” next to PrestaShop.

PrestaShop installation will take two minutes. When finished, you will be able to access your website.


Go to your website’s address in a browser and follow the PrestaShop configuration steps.

In order to be allowed to access PrestaShop’s administrtion interface, you must first delete the “install” folder which is in the root folder of your website.

To do this, connect to your Simple Hosting instance through sFTP. Once connected, you must delete the folder /lamp0/web/vhosts/<your_website>/htdocs/install.

Your PrestaShop Website Is Ready to Be Used

Congratulations, your PrestaShop website is online! You can now go to its administration interface by clicking on the button “Manage your store” from the PrestaShop installation. We recommend that you bookmark the address (URL) of this administration area so that you can find it easily.

You can now work on your shop with the help of the PrestaShop official documentation.