Creating an organization

If you want to buy Gandi products for a legal entity (company, association, public body…) so that it is the owner and it is invoiced, you have to create an organization to represent it in our system or use an existing one.

Creation form

There are three places where you can create an organization:

  • From the organization menu: After logging in click “Organizations” in the left menu. You can then click “Create” to create a new organization.
  • From the first step of checkout : When you click on the cart icon (checkout) the first step is to choose a Billing address. At this step you can choose an existing organization or create a new one, then continue the process.
  • From the Shopping Cart: When you arrive at checkout, you will be presented with a form that you can use to select an organization, or create a new one.


The organization you are creating will be the owner of the domains bought for it, and the recipient of the invoices. It must be a real company, association, or public body for which you have the legal right to purchase products at Gandi.

When you create your organization you will be asked to provide some contact information. As you do this, you need to be sure to not confuse two fields:

  • “Organization display name”: This is a modifiable name to represent your legal entity on our website. It is the “organization” that we display.
  • “Company name”: This is the actual, legal, registered name of your company, association, or public body. It can not be changed.