Frequent Questions: Sharing Products

Can I move my products from one “organization” to another?

No, because ultimately an organization corresponds to the domain name owner. Changing what organization manages the domain name therefore corresponds to an owner change.

If you want a domain name to be managed under a different organization, you must change the owner of the domain name.

Can I change the company name of my organization?

It is not possible to change the “Company name” of an organization. This is because it is the legal title holder of the products (ex. domains) owned by the organization. It is only possible to change the “Display name” of the organization, as that is just used on our website.

If your company or association has changed names, you will need to make a new organization with its current information. Then, to “move” the products to that organization you will need to proceed with an owner change of the domains that the organization may currently own, in favor of a new organization with the new name.

Can a username be in more than one team?

Yes, a username can be in as many teams as desired.