Managing your Customers

As a reseller, you can directly manage your customers’ accounts, via a special interface.

Where to find your list of customers

Start by selecting “Manage Organizations” from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

You will now be presented with a page that displays all your organizations. Select the one which is your reseller organization (identified by a “R” icon) by clicking on the gearbox icon.

From there, you will see its admin page, where you will see a link to where you can “Manage Customers”.

This page will list your customers, there information, and links to perform actions on them (see below).

Actions you can take

By clicking on the icon on the right (the three vertical dots) of a contact in question, you are presented with some actions you can perform on that contact:

  • Edit: To edit the street address, email address, phone/fax number of your customer.
  • Release: To release a customer from your portfolio. They will then receive an email allowing them to directly take control of their products on Gandi’s website.
  • See Products: To see a list of all the products owned by the customer.
  • Resend Verification Emails: To resend the verification emails. Use this if you see that the Email verification has FAILED or if you customer wants you to resend the mail so they can validate it as required by ICANN for ICANN-sponsored domains.
  • Delete: To delete a customer from your portfolio. Note that you can only delete a customer who no longer has any products.