Benefits of a Reseller Account

Discounted pricing

The total amount of your purchases counts towards the volume discounts we offer.

As a reseller, your customers’ purchases also count, allowing you to reach discounted rate scales quickly.

You can charge your customers whatever you think is fair for domains and hosting you resell from Gandi. We don’t charge more for having a reseller account, so you can make a profit on your own, without paying extra for the privilege.

If you know you will be making a big push to sell a lot, let us know by contacting support, and we will see if we can grant you a lower starting rate to help you be profitable as soon as possible.

Phone support

As a reseller, we know you are going to offer support to your end customers.

Gandi offer phone support to customers that are resellers, key customers, or corporate subscribers who choose this service option. As a reseller, you can find your local support phone number on the support contact page if you contact us from within your reseller organization, or if you choose your reseller organization on the support contact form.

Specialized customer support

Support tickets that you make from your reseller organization are handled directly by our specially-trained support staff, and are handled in priority, with a very short response time.