How to become a Gandi Reseller

There is no fee for being a Gandi reseller, this feature is absolutely free of cost.


Since resellers must be a company, association, or public body, only organizations are able to be converted to a reseller account. You may therefore need to create an organization first, that corresponds to your company, should you want to have access to a reseller account.

To become a reseller:

  1. select “Manage Organizations” from the dropdown menu at the top of the page,
  2. select the organization you want to convert to a reseller by clicking on the gearbox icon nex to it,
  3. on the organzaion’s admin page that you now see, choose “Become a Gandi reseller” that you see towards the bottom of the page.

You will then see a warning to inform you that this action is permanent”, and a link to the reseller contract.

After you have read the contract carefully, by checking to box to confirm this, you will be able to continue by clicking the “Confirm” button.