Anti-Spam Filters

You can create filters using the parameters that are available in the email’s headers.

Filtering undesirable emails

To create a filter for undesirable emails, you can make use of the X-GND-Status and X-GND-Score, with the following conditions:

X-GND-Status header contains ‘SPAM’ and X-GND-Score header corresponds to [2-4][0-9][0-9] // the score is greater than 200

It is also possible create filters using the X-Spam-Flag and X-Spam-Levels headers, with the following conditions:

X-Spam-Flag header is ‘true’ and X-Spam-Flag header contains ‘******’ // level greater than 6 asterix

Filtering email using tags

To create an email filter using tags that have been attributed to them, you can create a filter using the X-GND-Status header, with the following condition:

X-GND-Status header contains {tag}

This system supports the following tags:

  • X-GND-Status: PCE: Professional commercial email detected by the analysis of the signature: typically email campaigns from a known professional mailing platform (ESP) that adheres to rules governing email advertising, by describing unsubscribe links, list removal etc.
  • X-GND-Status: MCE: Commercial email that is detected and follows the rules governing email marketing, but that was not sent from a known platform.
  • X-GND-Status: SOCIAL: Notifications and alerts from social networks
  • X-GND-Status: PURCHASE: Emails confirming purchase transactions via the internet
  • X-GND-Status: ACCOUNT: Emails sent to confirm the creation or update of a user account
  • X-GND-Status: TRAVEL: Emails that are sent concerning travel confirmations (car rental, travel tickets, hotel reservation)
  • X-GND-Status: FINANCE: Emails sent concerning financial information (bank transfer confirmations, account balance, etc.)
  • X-GND-Status: ALERTING: Emails concerning the subscription to an alert service (Google alerts, Yahoo alerts, real estate, etc.)
  • X-GND-Status: BOUNCE: Notification that a mail could not be delivered
  • X-GND-Status: SUSPECT: A message with a subject that could potentially be harmful (ex. emails with a content referring to to money transfer)