Change Contacts


This is primarily for individuals who need to attribute rights to manage a domain to third parties. Companies should use rights management by creating teams.

1. Provide new contact information

To change the contacts of a domain name:

  1. Choose the domain name from your list, and then in the navigation menu choose “Domain Contacts”.
  2. You will see a box with the contact information and a button: “Edit”.
  3. Fill out the contact form, with the information of the new contact.
  4. When done, click “Save” to submit

We then send an invitation email to the address of the new contact.

2. Accept invitation email


If the new contact does not accept this invitation email they will not be able to see or manage the domain.

An email is send to the new contact with the subject like “Invitation to manage (the domain name) at”. It is necessary that the new contact click on the link in the email, and either choose to manage the domain from an existing account (that has the same name/email address) or from a new account (notably if they don’t have an existing Gandi account).